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T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Expands Sales Team

December 3, 2015, Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA‭

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS has announced the addition of Brian Ishman to its seed sales team‭. ‬As Zone Support Manager‭, ‬Brian‭ ‬will be responsible for sales and service to T.A‭. ‬SEEDS dealers throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio‭.‬

Possessing an extensive professional sales and agricultural background‭, ‬Brian brings a wealth of experience to the T.A‭. ‬SEEDS sales team‭. ‬In addition to servicing existing dealers‭, ‬he will be responsible for expanding the number of dealerships within the region‭. ‬A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania‭, ‬Ishman is an active participant in various Jefferson Country agricultural organizations‭. ‬Brian and his family reside in Punxsutawney‭, ‬PA‭.‬

“We are excited to have Brian join the T.A‭. ‬SEEDS sales team‭. ‬His background and experience in sales and agriculture will bring value to the growing dealer network in western Pennsylvania and Ohio,”‭ ‬stated Kylie Kiess‭, ‬T.A‭. ‬SEEDS sales coordinator‭.‬

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS is a dynamic 3rd generation independent seed company‭, ‬headquartered in central Pennsylvania‭, ‬serving farmers throughout the Eastern United States‭. ‬T.A‭. ‬SEEDS produces and distributes a diverse line of agronomic seed products including‭: ‬corn‭, ‬soybeans‭, ‬alfalfa‭, ‬forage grasses and cover crops‭. ‬To keep up to date with T.A‭. ‬SEEDS‭, ‬visit‭, ‬or call 866.813‭.‬SEED‭.‬

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