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Soybean Seed TS3959R2S

Group: III
Relative Maturity:
Plant Type:
Intermediate Bushy
Genuity RR2 Yield/STS

  • The Double Crop Option
  • Light Tawny with Yield
  • Stacked with STS

Performance Potential

Emergence - No-Till: Rating 2
Stand-ability: Rating 2

Plant Characteristics

Plant Height: 38 inches
Plant Color: Light Brown
Flower Color: White

Resistance to Common Diseases

Phytophthora Protection: 3
Cyst Resistance: R3
White Mold: Not Applicable
Sudden Death Syndrome: 3
Frogeye: 3
Stem Canker: 2
Brown Stem Rot: Not Applicable
Iron Deficiency Chlorosis: Not Applicable
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