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Relative Maturity:
90 Days
Intended Use:
Agrisure 3000GT, Liberty Link

New from TA Seeds for 2017 planting season

  • Leafy Silage Only
  • Great Emergence for Maturity
  • Large Ear with Medium Low Placement
  • Excellent Tonnage

Intended Use of Crop

Grain Yield: Not Applicable
Silage Use: Rating 1

Performance Potential

Emergence - Seedling Growth: Rating 1
Drought Tolerance: Rating 3
Stand-ability: Rating 3
Staygreen/Drydown: Rating 3
Test Weight (Grain Density): Rating 4

Plant Characteristics

GDU to Black Layer: Not Applicable
Ear Type: Semi-Flex
Ear Placement: Medium/Low
Cob Color: Red
Plant Height: Tall
Population Tolerance: Medium

Resistance to Common Diseases

NCLB: Rating 2
Gray Leaf Spot: Rating 3
Common Rust: Rating 2
Anthracnose Leaf/Stalk Blight: Rating 3
Relative Maturity

Grain Yield

Silage Use

GDU to Black Layer

Emergence/Seedling Growth

Drought Tolerance



Ear Type

Ear Placement

Test Weight

Plant Height

Population Tolerance


Gray Leaf Spot

Common Rust

Anthracnose Leaf/Stalk

Cob Color

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