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What’s New at T.A. SEEDS

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Featured in Seed TODAY

T.A. SEEDS was pleased to be profiled in the national publication Seed TODAY. The article examined seed corn production at T.A. SEEDS,  from the production fields to the cleaning and bagging process.

The article also focused on best-management practices for soil conservation and protecting our local watershed. Our no-till planting and cover crops have helped achieve yield increases while reducing nutrient run-off.

T.A. SEEDS, a family owned company, delivers the experience and flexibility needed to meet the unique needs of Eastern farmers. Dedicated to providing quality seed and service, the T.A. SEEDS team is able to control every step of the process, from product development through delivery, right in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

Photo of Brian Ishman
Brian Ishman

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Expands Sales Team

December 3, 2015   Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA‭

‬T.A‭. ‬SEEDS has announced the addition of Brian Ishman to its seed sales team‭. ‬As Zone Support Manager‭, ‬Brian‭ ‬will be responsible for sales and service to T.A‭. ‬SEEDS dealers throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio‭.‬

Possessing an extensive professional sales and agricultural background‭, ‬Brian brings a wealth of experience to the T.A‭. ‬SEEDS sales team‭. ‬In addition to servicing existing dealers‭, ‬he will be responsible for expanding the number of dealerships within the region‭. ‬A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania‭, ‬Ishman is an active participant in various Jefferson Country agricultural organizations‭. ‬Brian and his family reside in Punxsutawney‭, ‬PA‭.‬

“We are excited to have Brian join the T.A‭. ‬SEEDS sales team‭. ‬His background and experience in sales and agriculture will bring value to the growing dealer network in western Pennsylvania and Ohio,”‭ ‬stated Kylie Kiess‭, ‬T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Sales Coordinator‭.‬

Logo World Dairy Expo - World Forage Analysis Superbowl

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Seneca Alfalfa Finishes 2nd in Forage Super Bowl

November 10, 2015   Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA‭

‬SENECA alfalfa from T.A‭. ‬SEEDS was recognized among the top finishers in the Forage Super Bowl in October‭. ‬Widely recognized as the top forage competition in the United States‭, ‬the Forage Super Bowl is held annually at the World Dairy Expo in Madison‭, ‬WI‭.‬

Grown and entered in the contest by Co-Vista Holsteins of Arcade‭, ‬NY‭, ‬SENECA alfalfa placed second overall and first among alfalfa varieties in the haylage category with a final score of 88.09‭, ‬3470‭ ‬milk per ton and a Relative Forage Quality score of 226‭. ‬Co-Vista Holsteins was awarded a cash prize for their finish and special recognition at the event‭.‬

“We’re pleased to congratulate Co-Vista Holsteins on their impressive finish in the Forage Super Bowl and thank them for entering SENECA alfalfa in the contest,”‭ ‬stated Cory Chelko‭, ‬T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Product Coordinator‭.‬

SENECA is a fall dormancy 4‭ ‬alfalfa with high yield and quality potential and high resistance to the seven major alfalfa diseases‭. ‬An ideal alfalfa for demanding dairy operations‭, ‬it exhibits fast recovery and excellent persistence‭.‬

The World Forage Analysis Super Bowl is held annually as part of the World Dairy Expo‭. ‬Growers enter high quality forages in seven different categories to compete for prizes‭. ‬Finalists in each category are judged by University of Wisconsin personnel based‭ ‬on lab analysis and visual judging criteria‭. ‬Dairyland Laboratories in Arcadia‭, ‬WI serves as the official analysis lab for the contest‭.‬

Logo of Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Introduces RoundUp Ready 2 XTEND™‭ Soybeans

October 21, 2015   Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA‭

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS has introduced five new Roundup Ready 2‭ ‬Xtend™‭ ‬soybeans‭. ‬The addition of these new products compliments a diverse and expanding soybean product line available from T.A‭. ‬SEEDS‭ ‬dealers throughout the Eastern United States‭.‬

The soybean varieties range from late-group II to early-group V and feature the latest in high performance soybean genetics and‭ ‬comprehensive disease packages well-suited to the diverse pressures of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic growing conditions‭. ‬Built on the high-yield potential of the Genuity®‭ ‬Roundup Ready 2‭ ‬Yield®‭ ‬trait‭, ‬Roundup Ready 2‭ ‬Xtend™‭ ‬soybeans offer tolerance to both dicamba‭ (‬pending regulatory approval‭) ‬and glyphosate herbicides‭.‬

“These new soybean products offer proven yield potential‭, ‬outstanding disease resistance and geographic adaptation‭. ‬Additionally‭,‬‭ ‬growers will have the flexibility of tolerance to two herbicides with different modes of action if a more comprehensive weed resistance management strategy is needed,”‭ ‬stated Cory Chelko‭, ‬T.A‭. ‬SEEDS Product Coordinator‭.‬

The commercialization of Roundup Ready 2‭ ‬Xtend™‭ ‬soybeans is dependent on multiple factors‭, ‬including successful conclusion of the regulatory process‭.‬

Photo of Michael Swisher, TA Seeds Zone Support Manager

Michael Swisher

Michael Swisher Joins T.A. SEEDS Sales Team

November 10, 2015 Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA‭

We’re happy to announce the addition of Michael Swisher as a Zone Support Manager on our sales team.

Michael will be responsible for sales and service to T.A. SEEDS dealers throughout Western Maryland, Virginia and select distributors in North Carolina and Georgia.

A 17-year industry veteran, Michael was most recently Director of Ag Marketing for Culpeper Farmers’ Cooperative, Inc. and previously held positions as retail store manager and territory sales representative. He earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics with a minor in animal sciences from Virginia Tech. Michael and his family reside near Berryville, VA.

We’re pleased to have Michael join the T.A. SEEDS sales team. His experience and approach to customer relationships are an ideal match for our long-range sales and service goals.

Enhancement and expansion of our sales team is a key element in expanding our geographic footprint and providing growers the best customer service in the industry.

Photo of TA Seeds Dealer Days 2015

T.A. SEEDS Hosts Dealer Days Event

July 30, 2015  Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA‭

T.A‭. ‬SEEDS recently kicked-off the 2016‭ ‬seed sales season by hosting dealers at its Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA headquarters for a 2-day‭ ‬“Dealer Days”‭ ‬event‭. ‬The annual function brings dealers from ten ‬Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states‭.‬

The gathering launches the sales season with product and program introductions‭, ‬sales sessions‭, ‬and facility tours‭. ‬In-field product demonstrations comprised corn‭, ‬soybeans‭, ‬alfalfa‭, ‬grasses and cover crops‭, ‬including an innovative inter-seeding plot featuring numerous cover crop mixtures seeded into growing corn‭.‬

Ray Starling from West Virginia and Jeffrey Grembowicz from Vermont were winners of a Sthil®‭ ‬chainsaw and a Yeti®‭ ‬cooler as part of the Friday evening activities‭. ‬Event sponsors included Corn States‭, ‬GreenLeaf Genetics‭, ‬Monsanto BioAg‭, ‬Dow AgroSciences and Innvictis Crop Care‭.‬

As one of a few remaining seed corn producers in the Eastern United States‭, ‬T.A‭. ‬SEEDS dealers were treated to tours of seed corn production and the company’s newly renovated seed processing and treatment facility‭. ‬“We’re pleased to host our dealers and excited to share our commitment to quality seed production and outstanding customer service‭,‬”‭ ‬stated Kylie Kiess‭, ‬Sales Coordinator‭.‬

Photo of healthy corn field on a blue sky day

T.A. SEEDS Announces Strategic Personnel Positioning

April 30, 2015  Jersey Shore‭, ‬PA‭

T.A. SEEDS has announced two key personnel advancements to meet increasing customer needs and long-term company goals‭.‬

Steve Reeder was promoted to Production Manager‭, ‬responsible for corn and soybean seed production‭. ‬Reeder will be additionally responsible for the warehousing of all T.A. SEEDS products‭. ‬Steve possesses an extensive background in transportation‭, ‬quality control‭, ‬equipment operation and crop production‭, ‬well-suited to T.A. SEEDS commitment to maintaining the highest quality seed production in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic‭.‬

Tyler Shaffer has been promoted to Plant Manager‭, ‬responsible for seed corn and soybean processing and conditioning‭, ‬including all combinations of seed treatment‭. ‬Tyler brings several years of crop and beef production background to the T.A. SEEDS team‭, ‬including the acclaimed Harvest Run experience across seven states from Texas to Montana combining corn‭, ‬soybeans‭, ‬wheat‭, ‬canola and‭ ‬sunflowers‭.

‬“Steve and Tyler’s commitment to T.A. SEEDS and their dedication to serving our customers with unmatched seed quality make them outstanding choices‭ ‬to lead these aspects of the business,” ‬commented Bruce Ulmer‭, ‬T.A. SEEDS General Manager‭.

‬“We are pleased to announce these enhancements to the T.A. SEEDS team‭. ‬The experience and energy of these individuals is essential‭ ‬to satisfying the demands of a growing customer base and meeting our long-range goals”‭, ‬stated Taylor Doebler III‭, ‬T.A .SEEDS President‭.‬

‬Keep Up to Date with T.A. SEEDS

‬T.A. SEEDS is a dynamic 3rd generation independent seed company headquartered in Central Pennsylvania‭, ‬serving farmers throughout‭ ‬the Eastern United States‭. ‬T.A. SEEDS produces and distributes a diverse line of agronomic seed products including‭: ‬corn‭, ‬soybeans‭, ‬alfalfa‭, ‬forage grasses and cover crops‭.

Visit‭, ‬or call 866.813‭.‬SEED today‭.‬


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