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T.A. SEEDS is a family owned company with over 80 years of successful seeedsmanship.

Our experience means better yields in your fields.


As a third generation farmer, Taylor A. Doebler III was lucky enough to learn from the best: his grandparents and his dad.

Taylor’s grandfather, T.A. Doebler Sr., was a people person who loved discovering new seed varieties and showing them to farmers. Taylor’s father, T.A. “Ted” Doebler, Jr. was all about scientifically evaluating and producing the best corn hybrid with the best yields possible.

T.A. Senior and T.A. Junior, together with Taylor’s grandmother, Hazel Doebler (who managed the business end of things), built the company by producing superior seeds.

Today the company is proud to expand on 80 plus years of successful experience. For the past 25 years, Taylor A. Doebler III has led T.A. SEEDS. Taylor is a master seedsman, and together with his wife Ginny Doebler, he has developed an educated and capable third generation team that is like family and is working to take T.A. SEEDS into the future.

Taylor, Ginny, and all of us at T.A. SEEDS are grateful to remain an independent seed company that still produces and processes, on-site, the highest quality seed. Thank you for purchasing T.A. SEEDS.

Ginny and Taylor A. Doebler III



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