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TA Seeds Cover Crops

T.A. SEEDS is proud to present a soil-enriching line-up of cover crops that is second to none in service to your soil.

Cover crops are an important part of your rotation. They not only help control erosion; they also provide key nutrients. Cover crops can alleviate soil compaction issues, assist in weed control, and boost moisture retention.

We can help you with cover crop seeds and cover crop mixes. We offer brassica seeds, such as turnips and radishes, legume seeds such as clover and hairy vetch, winter peas and sunn hemp, plus small grains and grass seeds such as ryegrass, triticale, oats and buckweat.

In addition we offer Soil First® Cover Crop Mixes which provide a variety of traits to conserve and improve nearly any soil type.

If you’d like help selecting cover crops for your operation, please call T.A. SEEDS. Talk to one of our Zone Support Managers or send us an e-mail.

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Our Outstanding Cover Crop Seed Choices include:


A cool-season broadleaf turnip that introduces diversity into cover cropping system.

Globelike-bulb stores nutrients and can be grazed as a highly digestible feed.

A superior daikon radish that is known for its deep penetrating taproot.

Has incredible ability to scavenge nutrients from deep in the soil profile.


A premium crimson clover that has excellent cold tolerance.

Great nitrogen producer that seeds easily in the fall or spring.

A balansa variety that stands apart for its superior winter hardiness and nitrogen fixation.

Dense growth crowds out weeds and creates good soil tilth.

An improved berseem clover that has the ability to grow in wet conditions.

Moderately winter-hardy cover crop that can be grazed without risk of bloating.

A vigorous hairy vetch that is a superb choice for green manure.

High nitrogen production in spring when growth is maximized.

A rapid growing winter pea that is extremely succulent.

Works well when combined with a small grain to provide a balanced approach to soil health.

An aggressive sunn hemp that should be planted when soil temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees.

Has ability to suppress some nematodes and add 2.5 tons of biomass in 2 months.

Small Grains and Grasses

An improved annual ryegrass selected especially for dense root structure and nutrient scavenging.

Superior winter hardiness compared to other annual ryegrasses.

A cleaned and sized dependable fall rye.

Has excellent germination and early vigor to get up out of the ground late into colder fall temperatures.

A cleaned and sized winter triticale.

A cross between wheat and rye making an excellent feed value and great cold tolerance crop.

A cleaned cover crop oat selection that has strong early growth.

Winter kills in most areas this seed makes for a stress-free approach to spring control.

A cleaned buckwheat seed selection that offers quick growth.

Vastly improves the soil surface with thousands of fine root hairs.

Maybe a Mix is Best for Your Operation. We offer Soil First® Cover Crop Mixes:

Small Grains and Grasses

Guardian Fall Rye + Soil First® Select Radish 30 lbs./acre

  • Low risk, starter mix
  • Ideal for fall manure applications
  • Winter hardy rye with excess N

Guardian Fall Rye + Soil First® Select Radish + Crimson Clover 30 lbs./acre

  • Can seed before corn/soybeans
  • Good for prevent plant
  • Ideal for Southern Corn Belt

Hy Octane Triticale + Fixation Balansa Clover + Soil First® Select Radish 40 lbs./acre

  • Mix components equal up to 120 days of grazing when together
  • Extended ground cover (7-8 months)

Spring Oats + Soil First® Select Radish + Fixation Balansa Clover + Peas + Crimson Clover 40 lbs./acre

  • Relatively low risk mix
  • Ideal as fall forage mix
  • Strong N fixing mix

Winter Triticale + Soil First® Select Radish + Vivant Brassica + Forage Collards + Peas 40 lbs./acre

  • Position for early seeding
  • Late fall silage opportunity
  • Ideal for beef/non-lactating dairy

Crimson Clover + Soil First® Select Radish 15 lbs./acre

  • Low risk option as minimal spring management is needed
  • Plant early to maximize production

Spring Oats + Soil First® Select Radish + Turnips 30 lbs./acre

  • Ideal for low spring management
  • Excellent option for multiple grazing periods in the fall

ColdSnap Annual Ryegrass + Soil First® Select Radish 15 lbs./acre

  • Best mix for breaking up compaction and catching leftover nutrients
  • Perfect in manure systems

Pearl Millet + Soil First® Select Radish + Sunn Hemp 20 lbs./acre

  • Tolerates poor soil environments
  • Formulated for fall grazing
  • No threat of prussic acid poisoning

Sorghum Sudangrass + Soil First® Select Radish + Sunn Hemp 20 lbs./acre

  • Tolerates poor soil environments
  • Formulated for fall grazing
  • Great biomass producer

ColdSnap Annual Ryegrass + Crimson Clover + Soil First® Select Radish 20 lbs./acre

  • Facilitates more accurate seeding patterns in broadcast applications
  • Offers best combination alleviation & nutrient scavenging

ColdSnap Annual Ryegrass + Fixation Balansa Clover + Soil First® Select Radish 20 lbs./acre

  • Will lead to greater biomass production
  • Perfect for catching and later releasing nutrients needed by cash crops

Cover Crops Save You Money!

  • Cover crops help stop soil erosion, so you preserve your most precious asset.
  • You increase the nutrients that your crops depend on, and you spend less on fertilizer.
  • The right cover crop can solve soil compaction issues.
  • Your worms will thrive without pesticides.
  • Your soil will be warmer so you can plant earlier.
  • Optimum nitrogen will be released naturally.

Here’s proof from a farmer in Maryland:

  • A field with no cover crop yielded 180 bushels/acre of corn.
  • A field planted with barley cover crop yielded 193 bushels/acre of corn.
  • A no-till field planted with Tillage Radish yielded 221 bushels/acre of corn.

Cover Crops

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