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photo of Taylor A. Doebler IIIMore than 80 years ago, my grandfather, T. A. Doebler, Sr., harvested the first crop of hybrid seed corn.

Thank you for reviewing the selection T.A. Seeds has to offer for the 2014 planting season.
I am a third generation farmer who was lucky enough to learn from the best. My grandfather – T.A. Doebler, Sr. – was a people person who loved discovering new seed varieties and showing them to the farmer, whether in the U.S., or on a consultant visit to Russia.
My dad – T.A. Ted Doebler, Jr. – was all about evaluating and producing the best corn hybrid with the best quality possible. T.A. Sr. and Ted Jr. wore different hats, and together with my grandmother, Hazel Doebler (who managed the business end of the company), they produced the best product for the Eastern farmer for over 50 years.
Now after more than 82 years of harvest, I have a III Generation Team developed for over 25 years which I consider my family today. Together with my wife, Ginny Doebler, we are grateful to remain an independent seed company that still actually produces and processes, on-site, the best hybrids for you, the Eastern farmer.
With the extensive selection process that goes into deciding what T.A. Seeds offers to you, we hope we have covered all your farming needs for the 2014 planting season. Happy Planting!


Taylor A. Doebler III